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Patch handle carrier bags

Carrier featuring and extra patch glued inside the handle to make it more resitant.

Varigauge carrier bags

Carrier bag varying in gauge from the top to bottom, hence its name Vari-gauge. The handle area has a gauge twice as thick as that at the bottom allowing for a strong handle without the need for reinforcement.

Flexiloop carriers

A flexiloop carrier is similar to the vari-gauge and patch handled carrier bags, but with a welded polythene loop handle attached.

Twin Clip or Clip close carriers

Carrier bag manufactured using consisitent gauge, side vented (gussetted) and with two plastic handles which clip together to close the bag.

Vest type carrier bags

The economy line of carrier bags the vest carrier bag is made of High Density Polythene, usually of very low gauge, allowing for a relatively heavy weight.

Duffle carrier bags

Carrier bags with a rope attached to the base for carrying as well as letting you pull it to close the top. Also known as Drawstring bags.

Counter bags (Butcher bags)

Commonly found in supermarkets (or the butchers, hence their alternative name). Usually small and white but quite strong sold in big easily dispensing packs.

Alternative packaging

There are many types of packaging all for specific uses. To obtain information about other types of polythene bags or polythene film, visit:

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Printed Carrier Bags

Eco friendly alternatives

Although often condemned, polythene and plastic packaging are actually one of the most efficient forms of packaging, with a very low carbon footprint and also the ability to be recycled. The following sites specialise in environmentally-friendly packaging:

You might also be interested in the following environmentally-friendly packaging sites:

Research and resources

For more detailed information on carrier bags, including how they are manufactured and the different types of carriers available, please see:

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Printed carrier bags

To make your carrier bags for your business or organisation really stand out from the crowd, why not print your own bespoke design on them using a bespoke printed carrier service. This will not only reinforce your brand but it will turn your customers in to walking adverts for your products and company! For more information on printing on carrier bags see:

Carrier bags news

Polythene's story: The accidental birth of carrier bags

When German scientist, Hans von Pechmann, found a waxy residue at the bottom of his test tube he had no idea that the substance was an early form of what it is now used to produce plastic carriers, shopping bags, wrapping film and many other types of plastic packaging. He had, completely by accident, made polythene, one of the world's most widely used and controversial materials!

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